Major League Roleplay features a different type of updating system to our servers than what is traditionally seen on most FiveM communities. Rather than a complete Database Wipe, we focus on assessing the information of what our members use, do not use, like, dislike, and what our current state of Roleplay requires.

For example, an update can be entirely focused on the CIV operations, while another update can be focused entirely on revamping LEO operations, and the third one would focus on Server Protocols and Features. You get the idea.

Those updates happen Bi-Anually, and the next one is MLRP 6.0 set to release in July of 2023. We have made a page for people interested in joining our community to discuss all of what is coming to MLRP 6.0, but first lets discuss and take a look at previous updates.

Picture from our MLRP 1.0 Release in Summer of 2020

Of course all of our updates included much more than listed, however, we are going to cover with you the main ones

MLRP 1.0 was the first version released and it came with the typical standards, cars, and uniforms normally seen with the launch of any community. This version was officially released in October 2020 

MLRP 2.0 features updates to our entire LEO fleet, migration to the new (at the time) EUP 9.2., update to the servers framework, and addition to Civilian Jobs.

MLRP 3.0 focused on revising the criminal underground enterprises of the server, with many new additions where Criminal RP can gain financial advances, as well as a revitalization of our gang system. Updates to the entire ESX Framework (which we were using at the time). 

MLRP 4.0 was the biggest update up to this point. We completely switched froM ESX to the QBCore framework, giving us the freedom and ability for way more options and customization to the server.

MLRP 5.0 focused on selecting a new LEO and FD Departments, refocusing on the economy of the server, and limiting our script usage in the server for the best performance for our players. While it was never our intent when we started this community to switch out of the MN based, we took a vote between our staff to see if maybe we wanted to switch up what state we are based out of and Florida won. 

So, what is coming to MLRP 6.0? Glad you asked, we have made a page just for that to update our members and those who are interested in the community. Click here to see it.